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the following points from the link are stated: Using the Master's account, you can access all other Kaggle notebooks. This means I can access the Kaggle notebooks on my account using my google account? i.e., if I install the kaggle-notebook client on my google account, then the notebooks on my Kaggle account will also be accessible via my google account. Is this a possible scenario? Using the Kaggle notebook, you can access all other Kaggle Here, by "access", is meant uploading, editing, running, sharing, viewing the code/code outputs in the notebook. So, for example, I can upload a notebook to my account, and then open it using the kaggle-notebook client on my google account. Is this a possible scenario? While you have the notebook enabled in the "Kaggle Notebook", Kaggle Notebook starts automatically when you open it. Please correct me if I am wrong on any of the above points. A: Firstly, "Kaggle notebook" is a self-described open-source notebook software called Kaggle Notebook. It is used to run and store "Kaggle Notebook" notebooks. Kaggle Notebooks are designed to work with Kaggle competitions and are meant to be accessed using Kaggle accounts. The recommended method of using Kaggle Notebooks is to use Kaggle account for the notebook where you can save changes and see everything in the notebook once you are done running the code. The second option is using the Kaggle notebook itself. You can open it using any other Kaggle account (there are some minor differences in terms of the Kaggle account that it will create for you but this should not matter). You can use any Kaggle account to open a notebook if you want. The last point you asked is not supported by the Kaggle Notebook software. Q: Why does the text appear below the image and not on top of it? I have this: Delete Me myIm



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